the positive energies of music and art

Celebrating Water, Nature and the Environment.


The Aqua Project creates music, art and events to celebrate water, nature and the environment.

We raise awareness of nature’s positive energies through our creative artistic positive energies.

Using the positive energies of music and art:

  • We celebrate our relationship to water.
  • We celebrate how nature and the environment is central to our existence.
  • We celebrate how the energies of water and nature connect us to the Cosmos.
  • We create positive energies and vibrations through music and art to give us and our environment wellness.


The Aqua Project celebrates water, nature, the stars and our place in the Universe.

We examine the paradox of good and evil, luck, creation and destruction, and how we can find positive energy, and how the choices we make affect our environment.


Artists and Musicians are able to give out a positive message about the importance of water, nature and the environment.

We celebrate water, nature and the environment in concerts and exhibitions. Each celebration concert and show will have a different featured theme.

Performances and exhibitions are online, followed by live performances and exhibitions.



The first theme of The Aqua Project is “Five Stars”. This arts and music theme examines water and the positive energy of luck, the stars and the Cosmos, and looks into the story about the figure in the logo of our sister company Innerwater. 

Artists and Musicians celebrate water and nature through their work. There are endless musical and artistic works that give us a positive vibe about our place in the Cosmos.


What are the stars? The Webb Space Telescope is sending back amazing pictures of the Cosmos, such as the Spiral Galaxy in the picture, NGC 1672, 60 million light-years away in the constellation Dorado. The Universe is seemingly endless.

That the Earth is in the so called Golden region around a star, and that water landed here on Earth, is all about luck.

Prof Brian Cox has said that humans might be the only intelligent beings in our galaxy, so destroying our civilisation could be a galactic disaster.

There seems to be a genuine need to foster positive vibes and energy, against the negativity we are fed on a daily basis, and find some five star luck.


The Aqua Project follows on from Project Nepomuk, sponsored by the Arts Council of England in 2018, a cultural dialogue between Liverpool and Nepomuk in the Czech Republic.

The FIVE STARS theme of our first arts and music celebrations follows of directly from Project Nepomuk.

Project Nepomuk’s central event was the performance of a new opera, “Nepomuk” by our founder, which told the story of St John of Nepomuk (the figure in the logo of our sister company Innerwater) debating the timeless human choice between good and evil with King Wenceslaus. In the first act they look across the lake in Nepomuk which still exists today.  

The video here shows the Ave Maria and duet from the opera Nepomuk by Barry Gerald Webb (conductor). Rachel Abbott (Queen Sophie, soprano). Joseph Spratt (John of Nepomuk, tenor). Liverpool 2018.

Full Moon over Fuerteventura.

As well as the new opera “Nepomuk”,  an art exhibition was held, as part of Project Nepomuk,  showing the work of North West Contemporary Artists.

The Aqua Project continues this dialogue through art and music.

Central to our musical journey is singing.

Our mission is to create awareness of the environment through art and music, so there is positive change to protect the environment.


Crosby Beach Liverpool; the art installation Another Place by Anthony Gormley.

The Aqua Project puts the environment first and gives gratitude back to nature by reminding us in song, music and art, how important nature is.

Music and art are the results of the natural energies of frequency and vibration, expressed in notes and colours.

Nikola Tesla said:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

The concept of musica universalis, or music of the spheres,  and the relationship between the cosmos and music has been around since Pythagoras.


Quantum theory takes this further and tries to understand matter, atoms and particles, and how all things are connected in the Universe.
The quantum theoretical physicist Fay Dowker talks about giving gratitude to the Universe for providing us with music.




You can support The Aqua Project as an observer or audience member by:

  • Buying Innerwater products.
  • Direct sponsorship of music, art and events, and the website and YouTube channel.
  • Buying tickets for events and concerts online and in person when they happen.
  • Joining the The Aqua Choir, “An Ocean of Sound”, details to be posted, a wellness singing together project.

You can support The Aqua Project as a participant by:

  • contributing to a theme when invited to participate as a member of the initial pool of artists and musicians.
  • looking out for auditions and invites when a theme is opened out to involve other musicians and artists beyond the initial pool.
  • joining our mail list for news.


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